10 Reasons Rafting is the Perfect Team-Building Activity

1. Whether your team is made up of adrenaline junkies or nervous daisies there’s a rafting trip suited for everyone.

For those looking for the most adventurous of day trips, or for adventurous beginners and the average Joe (or Jane) with a penchant for excitement, check out a grade 3+ rapids river that’s sure to get your blood flowing. For example, have a look at our Wet & Wild Elaho Exhilarator with grade 3 & 4 rapids that’s also got spectacular Coastal Mountain scenery.

For a milder introduction to the world of rafting, or if you’re hoping to keep your hair dry (kind of), you may like the sound of a grade 1-2 rapids river with bumps and splashes along the way. A great example is our Family-Friendly Cheakamus Splash with grade 1 & 2 rapids passing through old-growth forest with wildlife aplenty and breathtaking views.

And for those who want to keep their hands free to take photos and sip a bevy, there are the float trips with no rapids. Perfect examples are our Scenic Twilight Float and our Winter Eagle Viewing Float.

2. Whether you’re bringing your BFFs from work, your whole team, department or company, rafting is perfect for groups of all sizes.

From small groups fitting altogether in one raft, to bigger groups forming teams on a fleet of rafts, you can get your whole team out on the water together! At CORC, we can fit 8 to 10 people per raft, and often have small private trips and big 12+ rafts trips going down the river forming a fleet of rafters discovering their inner water warriors!

3. Whether you’re working on coordination, team work, communication or other key elements, rafting helps create and solidify the bond between team members.

Zipping your colleague into their wetsuit? Helping your teammate back into the raft after they went for a swim? Shouting encouragement to “paddle harder”? Perfecting your paddling technique by synchronizing with your fellow rafters? White-water rafting is THE team building activity not to miss out on that’s sure to help get you laughing and working on those interpersonal skills.

4. Whether your team works as a single unit or as many moving parts, rafting is a great way to get your team to work together without actually working…

By stepping away from the boardroom and into the great outdoors, you’ll get your staff to connect and work together in a way they haven’t before! A trip like this is a great means for colleagues to bond together, to learn news ways of working as a team, and to learn more about each other. The fun also doesn’t end on the river! Your team will take away new skills and knowledge back into the workplace through a memorable outing that really didn’t feel like work!

5. Whether it’s a seasonal, quarterly or yearly reward, rafting is the perfect opportunity to let loose!

A happy work force is a successful work force! Rafting is a great way to thank your team for all their dedication after an intense season, quarter or successful year, and a great motivation to strive for great results in the next period.

6. Whether you’re looking for thrilling white-water rapids, breathtaking scenery, amusing banter and epic stories, rafting is entertaining from start to finish!

Depending on your trip choice, you will get anything and everything from exciting rapids on the river, to amazing scenery like mountains and forests, along with some pretty unbelievable stories from internationally traveled raft guides, and many opportunities for comical banter with your colleagues while on your trip.

7. Whether you have your own cubicle, or work in an open space, rafting gets you far and away from those office walls, both physically and mentally!

Tired of your usual get-togethers usually around the break-room coffee machine? Gathering at the local pub or restaurant losing its novelty? With rafting, you get something new and exciting every step of the way. More importantly, you’re outside exploring and experiencing nature at its best!

8. Whether you choose the exhilarating grade 3-4 rapids or the purely scenic float trip, it’s a trip you won’t forget!

Let’s be honest, it’s a little hard to forget crashing through waves, seeing an ancient forest, admiring a glacier, spotting a bear, drinking from a waterfall, or learning about local legends and history! Every rafting trip has one, or two, or three, or countless memorable moments.

9. Whether you’re looking for a one-time activity or new yearly tradition, rafting is easy to plan!

Rafting reservations coordinators and raft guides know what they’re doing! Let them do the hard work for you. Send an email, or make a quick call, and you’ll be set to go rafting in no time! At CORC, whether you’re looking for a one-day trip or a custom multi-day expedition, your rafting experts will know just what to do and what questions to ask to get you sorted seamlessly and hassle-free.

10. Whether you’ve got a small or big team, there’s always a great group pricing offer!

For example, at CORC we’ve got a wide range of group discounts for groups of all sizes and for all of our trips. Once you’ve talked to a reservations coordinator and given them a few details, you’ll get a customized quote with a price just for you!

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