The Best Summer Job: Life at a Rafting Base

A day in the life at Canadian Outback Rafting is as cruisy as they come. Driving the 17 kilometers down the Squamish Valley seems like a short distance to go in order to be in a forested farm of bustling tranquility.

Wait, did I just use bustling and tranquility in the same sentence? Somehow, that is exactly how our team would describe it. Let me explain myself:

On our 42-acre property, we have horses…

Glacier views…

& Goats…

An abundance of staff dogs, including my own blue heeler Shadow! Some of the other rafting pups include Sheena, Farah, Marshall, Porter and Indigo!

Last but not least – the leader of the pack – our owner’s dog, George.

No one knows our base quite like our curious rafting dogs. Wandering here, there and everywhere, these cuties make for quite the welcoming party when our guests arrive throughout the day. They spend the rest of their time endlessly exploring our 42-acre farm. They live a good life and having dog treats in our office always keeps them coming back.

Just like our dogs, our team is pretty laid back as well.

Coming to work every morning is almost serene. Fresh air, birds are chirping, and the Tantalus Range towers over us!

From our guide crew you will usually see JC, Jeremy, Leon, Ben and our other guides pulling the rafts onto a school bus, getting ready for a day on the river. Our drivers Ryan, Will, or Danny will be gearing up their vehicles for morning pickups and a big day of driving forest service roads or guiding. 

And our girls in the office will typically be busy with all of the behind-the-scenes work, all while trying to sneak in a pet with the goats or dogs 

By the end of the day, after all the trips have come and gone the sound of jokes and laughter ring through base instead of the early morning birds. All our base dogs have tired from a full day in the field. The goats retire back to their pens. And some music will typically be put on to finish up the day in the office. 

Everyone works together to clean up the gear, get it dried for the next group of people, park the buses and pack away the rafts just so we can do it again tomorrow.

End of the day banter and plans find their way around the base and you can typically find our work crew having a fire or going for wings at a local restaurant afterwards.

Our days here seem to fly by which makes it such a neat place to be a part of. Maybe it is the views or maybe the fresh valley air or possibly it is the amazing work crew. Either way, 12825 Squamish Valley Road is not a bad place to spend your day, go rafting, play a round of volleyball, and relax by the fire. 

Don’t believe me yet? Come by to find out for yourself!